In this field, our services are analyzed in three areas. Factoteam, based in Central Europe, started as an initiative of its founders, aiming at the right use of the highly skilled and experienced labor force of one country in another and, on the other hand, the more efficient staffing of the companies that are targeting the company. Through the knowledge and experience of the Factoteam Manager, he manages to overcome language barriers through his benefits and has all the solutions for recognizing degrees and specializations from all countries of the world as well as arranging work permits.

You can not teach anything to man. All you can do is help him discover what he has inside.
~ Galileo. | (Italian scientist) 1564-1642 |

Services we provide


Through our network of associates, extending across the European continent, our company has the ability to find and sort out the most qualified and highly trained staff to fulfill your company’s jobs in the most critical areas

Hiring Staff for a certain Time

Our company is licensed to meet the requirements of German law and has the right to provide personnel with a certain amount of time to meet the needs of a company more efficiently.

Business Coaching / Sales Supervision

Factoteam executives come from Management-Marketing-Sales-Business Development. So provide, staff training, extension counseling, sales oversight, customer care, new customers, company extension,Below the Line Marketing.


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